To maintain your system in top class condition, we recommend that servicing should be undertaken at least once a year on all water filtration and softener equipment. Without proper care and maintenance, bacteria can grow in some locations and this is why filtration systems need to be sanitised by trained engineers. An annual filtration equipment and water softener service will also help prevent parts getting damaged through neglect.

As well as servicing our own systems, we are happy to service or even repair many competitor brands and models of water filtration equipment. If you are not happy with your current filtration supplier or equipment, give us a call or fill in the Service Request form below.

Perfect Water Systems will also provide an on-call 24/7 emergency filtration equipment and water softener service if required.

To schedule a Service, please call us at Free Phone 1890 98 90 98 in Charleville at 063-89290, email or simply fill in the Service Request form.


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