PWS 8X35 Meter Controlled Water Softener

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Economical, high performance water softener, for the above average household.

Installation includes:
255/760 Autotrol Valve
8”x35” Fibreglass Vessel
20L Softening Resin
75 Litre Salt Container
10” Prelter Housing
80 Micron Washable Filter

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PWS8X35 Meter-Controlled Whole House Water Softener

For the larger household, the Perfect Water Systems meter controlled PWS8X35 unit removes lime from your water making it soft for use by the whole house. Soft water is better for pipes and appliances that use water and saves money on cleaners, detergents and repairs.

This system is Meter Controlled, meaning it only uses salt when you use water. Saving even more money.

Service cost average €70.00 annually on well water and €70 biannually on mains water. Salt cost €20.00 per person per year


This unit is recommended for your water at the time of testing, if the mineral content of your water changes over time it may be necessary to upgrade or invest in a new unit.

For more information, please call us on Locall 1890 98 90 98, in Charleville at 063-89290 or email


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