Kinetico 12873 Purefecta Virus/Bacteria Guard Cartridge
The Kinetico 12873 K5 Purefecta Virus and Bacteria Guard Cartridge is used in the K5 system.
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Kinetico K2, K5, KRO Cartridges
Kinetico 9302 K2 KRO Cartridges – Well Water (Set of 2)
Used in well water filtration systems, the Kinetico K9302 replacement water filter cartridges pack (containing both pre and post cartridges) for all K2, K5 Pure drinking water systems and the Kinetico Reverse Osmosis Plus (KRO+)..
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Kinetico KRO-VX Cartridges
Kinetico 9303 KRO+VX Cartridges (Set of 2)
Kinetico 9303 KRO+VX Replacement Cartridges (set of 2)
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