Jun-09-2017: EPA Ireland Find Microplastics in Fresh Water…more

May-03-2017: Unsafe Levels of THM Chemicals in Some Drinking Water…more

Mar-09-2017: EPA Report Shows Ireland Has Highest Incidence of VTEC in Europe…more

Mar-03-2017: Perfect Water – Kinetico European Championship Winner…more

Feb-01-2017: Some Irish Drinking Water Supplies Affected by THMs…more

Oct-14-2016: Businessman Of The Year Nomination for Colm Dawson…more

Sep-03-2016: Cryptosporidium Bacteria Detected in Co Mayo Water Supply…more

Aug-22-2016: East Cork Drinking Water Still Under Boil Water Notice…more

May-24-2016: Wisconsin Drinking Water Public Health Crisis – Could It Happen Here!…more

Apr-05-2016: Drinking Water Treatment Plants at Risk In Many Areas…more

Jan-18-2016: Antibiotic Overuse in Hospitals & Farms Threatens Water Sources…more

Nov-23-2015: Fluoride Treated Water May Be Causing Birth Defects…more

Sep-11-2015: High Levels of Trihalomethanes (THM’s) In Some West Cork Water Supplies…more

Aug-20-2015: Limerick To Test Chemical Solution For Lead Pipe Problem…more

Aug-03-2015: Quality Issue Forces Irish Bottled Water Brand Off Shelves…more

Jul-06-2015: E.Coli Fears Force Bottled Water Recall Affecting Multiple Brands…more

Jun-12-2015: Filter Out Lead In Water – Affordable Option For Irish Homes…more

Jun-07-2015: Drinking Bottled Water May Not Be Good For You…more

Jun-06-2015: Potential Water Fluoridation Links To Negative Health Require More Research…more

Jun-01-2015: Fluoride Levels in US Drinking Water To Be Reduced…more

May-16-2015: High Lead Contamination Found In Dublin Water…more

Apr-06-2015: Galway Water Kerosene Contamination Investigations Continue…more

Apr-04-2015: South Dublin Homes Affected By Lead Contamination…more

Apr-03-2015: Fears That Boom In Milk Industry Will Impact Water Quality…more

Mar-05-2015: Bottled Water Facts – Time To Filter Your Tap Water!…more

Feb-16-2015: Excessive Lead Levels Found In Some Kilkenny School Drinking Water Supplies…more

Feb-11-2015: Study Indicates Man-made Pollutants From Septic Tanks Entering Groundwater…more

Jan-20-2015: More Irish Drinking Water Restrictions Unless Systems Improve Say EPA..more

Jan-20-2015: Toxins Linked To Music Festival Waste May Contaminate Drinking Water…more

Dec-15-2014: Perfect Water Systems Non-Electric Water Softener Makes Headlines…more

Dec-08-2014: Lead in Water Contamination Affects Crookstown Water Supply…more

Nov-05-2014: Pregnancy Complications Linked to Drinking Contaminated Water…more

Nov-04-2014: Tralee Grapples With High Lead Levels In St. Brendan’s Park Water Supply…more

Oct-25-2014: Farm Animal Slurry Now a Leading Cause of Cryptosporidiosis Outbreaks…more

Oct-09-2014: Irish Water and County Council Facing Court Over Cryptosporidium Threats…more

Oct-01-2014: No Water Charges While Water Supply Under Boil Water Notice…more

Sep-22-2014: Most Water Treatment Plants Not Filtering Out Pharmaceuticals…more

Sep-17-2014: Alarming levels of bugs, including e-coli and cryptosporidium detected in Tap Water…more

Sep-04-2014: 24th Annual World Water Week Begins in Stockholm…more

Sep-01-2014: Another Limerick Suburb Gets Lead In Water Notice From Irish Water…more

Aug-20-2014: More Limerick Residents Raise Concerns Over Lead In Water…more

Aug-05-2014: Fluoridation In Irish Water May Have Links To Depression And Suicide…more

Aug-04-2014: Cork County Council Debates Hard Water Rebates…more

Jul-30-2014: One Third of Domestic Water Wells Contaminated With E-coli – EPA-HSE Advisory…more

Jul-29-2014: Excessive Levels of Lead in Drinking Water of some Irish Homes…more

Jul-28-2014: NUI Galway To Undertake Drinking Water Survey…more

Jul-28-2014: University Research Shows Private Water Wells Soaking Up Fertilizer…more

Jun-24-2014: You are invited to visit us at the Charleville Show 2014…more

May-20-2014: You are invited to visit us at The Bloom in The Park 2014…more


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