Perfect Water Systems are authorised distributors in Ireland for leading water treatment companies Kinetico and Broxo. The Kinetico range of water Perfect Water Broxo Saltfilter systems are brilliantly engineered to be simply the most efficient and effective water softeners, drinking water systems and water filters in the world. Many Kinetico water filter models are approved and certified by the State of California including the Mach 2060 S OD, K-5 Drinking Water Station, MAC7500, Signature Series and more.

The only maintenance your Kinetico water softener should require is adding salt. How often you replace the salt depends on your water usage. We recommend you’ll need approximately one block of salt per person, per month. Simply lift the lid on the unit and check the salt usage every week. As an Authorised Kinetico Dealer, we recommend you use Kinetico Block Salt in your Kinetico water softener. It is conveniently packed, hassle-free and easy to load into your unit. Order your Kinetico water softener block salt here and avail of our special low cost delivery option.

For competitor water softeners, the efficiency of water softening installations very much depends on the quality of the salt used. This is why BROXO has developed very pure regeneration tablet salt, compacted under high pressure. Our quality products from BROXO, offer you tailor-made regeneration tablet salt for all types of water softening installations, industrial as well as domestic, laboratories, hospitals and clinics. Order your Broxo water softener tablet salt here and avail of our special low cost delivery option.

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