The Alkaline Ionized Water Vending Machine is for Health-conscious consumers who are clamoring for a safe alternative to expensive bottled water. Now you can offer the benefits of alkalized, ionized, microclustered water to your customers!

LIFE Ionizer Vending MachineResearch shows that the body prefers a naturally alkaline balance. Water produced by the Earth Trade Water 1000 has a pH range of up to 9 (8.5 in California) and Oxidative Reduction Potential (ORP) – a measure of the water’s ability to support the action of antioxidants that neutralize free radicals. Studies have shown that alkaline water demonstrated improved hydration over ordinary water, which helps maintain athletic performance.

Dimensions: (w)29.5in x (d)32in x (h)78in


  • 530 gallon (2000 liter) per day reverse osmosis purified water production
  • Built in mineral injection system
  • Coin changer, bill or credit card acceptor
  • 200/30 liter ambient/chilled water storage tanks
  • Ready for 0.5-1L chilled water bottles or 5-gallon ambient water containers
  • Optional bottle dispenser: stainless steel Grade 304 and high quality powder-coated steel
  • Patented pending Super Chilled water system